Planned maintenance-overview


Planned maintenance Pillar:

    >Increase plant performance;

    >Reduce maintenance costs by up to 30%;


    >eliminating unplanned stoppages;

    >developing a cost effective planned maintenance system through

  • the involvement of line crew operators;
  • enhancement of competencies and the implementation of systems in professional maintenance organization.

All this can be achieved with a four phases program, organised into 6 steps, implemented in three years.

Plant perfomance includes: OEE, breakdown,storage cost of spare parts,energy consumption,total maintenance cost.

PM eliminates unplanned stoppages, and most breakdowns are caused by simple reason that a good maintenance system can remove and handle.

Most causes of failure

PM requires the involvement of line crew operators to keep the equipment in control.

Involvement of line crew operators

PM enhances competencies and implemens system in the maintenance organization.

PM vision and mission

Example of PM vision:

Study and implement an ideal maintenance policy by systematic improvement and cost effective maintenance activities of machine conditions.

PM VISION example

Planned Maintenance: Vision/Mission example:

PM vision and mission example

Pillar mission versus plant mission:

Pillar mission: To guarantee our internal customers' satisfaction

Strategy: To integrate maintenance team with operators through Autonomous Maintenance.

Link with Plant vision:Productivity and reliability.

Maintenance map interaction of AM and PM