Decision making criteria of asset management


        Six decision making criteria are popularly used in asset management :

        1, Identical density distribution model of SKU sales forcast in paticular area is used for capacity planning of bottle neck machines and configuration of production line which is dicided by specific SKUs combination guiding the production schedule in the future;

        2, OEE provision model is used to calculate the capacity requirement of bottle neck machines based on sales forcast;

        3, Production line configuration model is used to configure the specific machines combination based on SKUs production planning with high OEE and less redundant assets;

        4, Poisson simulation model for binomial distribution of inventory or stock level is used to look for the equivalence point of LOC (Level of cost) and LOS (Level of service) of materials, spare parts or end products;

        5,NPV (Net present value) based LCC (Life cycle cost) model is used to do economical provision or handling of assets;

        6, Maintenance eqivalence point model is used to decide enough but without redundant activites relavant to maintenance based on RCM (Reliability centered maintenance) principle to assure enough efficiency and less invesment.