Competitive KPIs of Asset optimization relative to ISO 55001 certificate


    To improve the competitiveness of the end product of one enterprise, the asset optimization is a chanllengeable but effective improvement opportunity which is one heavy component of the operational cost. For physical asset, the monetary value of human resources often takes 25-50 percentage of operational cost (The percentages of labor cost in US and Europe are usually higher than Asia and Africa though the gap is disappearing in recent years. ), asset consumption is usually about 30%, and the energy consumption is usually about 25-30%. So the goal of asset optimization is usually to reduce the labor usage, fixed asset consumption and the energy consumption which can reduce operational cost dramatically. For an excellent enterprise, the operational cost often takes 5% of system cost with the poor one being around 15%. To maximize the asset value, the other perspective is to focus on the OEE which will be 70 t0 85% with an exellently run enterprise. Based on these, some people who involved in the draft of ISO 55000 recomendded to increase the weight of operational cost percentage and OEE to 20% respectively without an agreement. Any way the 9 competitive KPIs use the same weight reached the agreement until the April of Year 2014. By the global climate warming, advocating for less enegy consumption is an eternal topic especially for those who want to be an responsible ones and have an good reputation to be an social and ecological contributors consistently.

Competitive KPIs of ISO 55001

    To accomplish the targets of 9 KPIs, 40 KBIs are recommended to indicate the practice levels. Supportive best practices are advocated by PAS 55 which experienced a lot of perfection and was converted to ISO 55000. 17 modules are raised in PAS 55 which evolved to 7 ones in ISO. Though 17 modules were not mentioned in ISO 55000 series any more, the best practices are generally accepted in manufacturing and service industry. Based on the same reason, the competitive 9 KPIs and 40 KBIs relative to PAS 55 are also adopted popularly in the world who would like to use ISO 55000 to guide their asset management and optimization.