How to deploy asset provision, care and operation


    The 3 core components of Asset Management is asset provision, maintenance or care and operation. And ISO55000 certificate is one global accepted award that says that the enterprise have one excellent device management system and operation level.

    KPI of asset management

    Deployment of Provision: Devices purchased, people for the devices, applicable materials and products, operational, inspection and maintenance method, facilities, working area and measurement need to be considered to the policy of enterprise and market needs. OEE is one useful internationally accepted criteria to indicate the time to purchase device and confgure the relevant production factors. TCU, the abbrevition of total capacity utinization, is another criteria which is higher than OEE because it does not remove the effect of quality. Any way, for low acid product, 65-75% is the purchase reminding and for high acid product, the criteria can be improved to be 75% or even 85% for some very excellently operated plants.

    Deployment of Asset care: Main inputs are spare parts consumption and the service value (Time multiplying unit salary) of maintenance people  with the main output being MME and MTBF which can be increased by missing operate input. Advanced preventive maintenance can detect and forcast the CIL time of spare parts or machine to avoid redundant maintenance and malfunction relevant corrective maintenance waste at the same time to assure a very high ratio of output devided by input. But a lot of industry data displays that MME and MTBF positively correlate to production amount which says that the more you use the machine, the better it performances. But to keep the miachine in a very good performance really needs the consumption of spare parts especially when the maintenance is based on TBM (Time or production amount based maintenance) but not CBM (Condition based maintenence). 

   Deployment of Asset operation: Can we achieve the target of low cost and high performance and yield? In this part we need to optimize the operational cost and measure its reduction without production amount affecting. We can only compare the differences of operational costs based on the same production amounts. Yield can be measured by production amounts directly, though sometimes it is not accurate because it is very difficult to measure the input material in dairy industry without the support of quality flow meter. The common used meter is level guage of tank liquid which has about 200-300 kg variation per ton. The operation level of one plant or device is generally monitored by TCU(OEE). Preformance index of device is often using  PTU (Production time utilization) which is often lowered by missing operate input and interuppted machine stops such as having lunch etc.