Proper Villain makes movie success

When watching Holly wood movies, I am often moved by their romanticism spirit and consciousness of earth ownership. They fight on the screen from year to year so that they can salvage New York, America or even the whole earth from the talon of the villains. For better completion of the mission, they invented a speciality which exists for saving city, salvaging human and protecting the earth...
This speciality is called super hero.
Obviously Hollywood likes this speciality very much using which to produce many new kinds stories every year. But I am confused in so many heros such as superman, black superman, superman family, batman, spiderman etc who have the same feeling of justice and the same mission. The difference is that someone likes to wear the underpants outside and someone likes to wear them on head.
To be honest, I was annoyed before by such hard to be memorized piece though I have found the rule recently: Who is the leading actor is not important, how to save the earth is also not important, the most important is that whether the villain does personalized bad thing or high level bad thing which in turn decides the level of movie.

Generally, there are three kinds of villains. One is ambitious machinator such as the villain in superman movie who has crazy smile and cloudy eye with the only target to enslave or destroy earth. This kind move is called gut popcorn movie.
The second is failing experiments mouse-they were originally scientists who lost his human nature by unsuccessful experiments with obtaining super power at the same time such as those in spiderman movie who bring us with splendid visual effect to create the visual series of popcorn movie.
The third one is the person who has bad luck. They opposed the super hero in the shadow of bad children memory or all kinds of love or hate such as those in Avenger alliance or spiderman3. They are pathetic and hateful or even lovely. And because of them, superman movie cannot be so popcorn like.
And whether is there the exception? Yes, clown in the dark knight is like this. They do not chase for money or power. They have no distorted bodies and even they do not hate the leading actor. Their fun are only to look for the bad side of the human mind and enjoy the evil side drives them to destroy.
The latest batman is so bourgeois. Batman is still there with lacking the frightening and lovely clown creates the bourgeoisness. The most fearful evil is not from violence, ambition, hate or uncontrolled high technology, but the darkness in the deep mind of human being.

Translated from Xia Haishu article who has the mentto 'Gain without pay and win in every gambling"