Bridge of friendship-Philosophy to attract others

If you can be loved by others, you open the door to get along with others, it is the foundation of friendship, harmonious interpersonal relationship and high work effeciency and performance. The way to get love is communication which can be oral or written. The good addressing should not be exaggerated (easily let others not believe you in the future) and not be insufficient (Easily let others underestimate your competence especillay in morden society the people often judge one person in a very short term) which should be based on the actual doing. So enough and on time communication is the must to get the satisfied relationship which also needs people to use proper putting style including serious or humorous based on judgement of the atmosphere at that time. Usually the serious addressing is not so easy to destroy the relationship but with the poor result with the humorous way having the different result by which you usually need to have a better relationship.  For more professional communication, presentation, flip chart and activity board etc is used to facilitate the process which can make complicated thing simpler. The super communication can attract the eye, ear and sympathize others hearts. Anyway, communication is based on the actual which fulfils the needs or expectations of the others and to satisfy the others needs your devotion or giving. You pay and you gain.