High quality life and high standard living


  Quality of life is the measure of your overall life satisfaction level, while your standard of living is the measure of your earthly comforts. A person who displays a high quality life has peace, happiness, and a sense that he or she is a success not for the things of life, but for the intangibles such as a sense of community and life contribution. A person who enjoys a high standard living may have all the visible trappings of modern success such as the cars, houses, and toys; but without a high quality of life, these things are often unsatisfying. For most people, having a high quality life, with a reasonable standard living provides a worthwhile and satisfying life. For those who wish to pursue a high standard living  , it is important to keep a high quality life as well. You might think of the choice this way – with wisdom comes high quality life and with money comes high standard living.  Money is a great tool, but wisdom is far more valuable.