Magical universe



Moon landform. Red indicates high altitude and blue indicates low altitue.

Meterolite crater on Mars火星表面陨石坑

Strange meteorolite crater on Mars.

Solar flare太阳耀斑

Eruprion of sun spots. Magnetic line in southeast of sun becomes longer and longer. The visible part has reached 700, 000 Km equalling the half diameter of sun.


Eclipse in Marshall Islands. Sunglow can be observed when it was covered by moon.

SunSpot eruption太阳黑子爆发

Eruption of sun spots. Solar flare, solar tsunami, magnetic eruption, magnificant variation of sunglow can be seen. Different color stands for different temperature.

Eclipse in space太空日蚀

Eclipse in space.

Saturn ring and aurora土星环与极光

Saturn rings and the polar lights.

South aurora of earth地球南极光

South aurora of Earth.

Space station and moon国际空间站与月球

Space station and Moon.

Dunes on Mars crater火星陨石坑沙丘

Movable balck dune in the craters of Mars.

Astronaut in space太空中的宇航员

American astronaut. His behind is earth.

Mars surface火星表面

Mars surface. It seems that the surface is covered by trees. Actually it is just illusion. The tree is dune covered by layer of dry ice. When ice is melted, the collapsed moutains prduce tree like image.

Sun surface太阳表面

Sun surface.

Black widow nebula黑寡妇星云

Black widow, spider name, nebula in galaxy produces new nebula continuosly and breaks the objects besides through dense radiation. 
Sauron beholder索隆魔眼

Sauron beholder.

Hell planet地狱行星

Hell star.The name was given by it is attacked by fired meteorolite rain continuously.

Corpse star僵尸恒星

Corpse star or white dwarf or super new star is decided by whether it absorbs matter besides it or not.

Vampire star吸血鬼恒星

Vampire star can absorb the matter outside it to keep eternally young.