M2M makes internet of everything


    When smart things everywhere are connected together, we will be able to do more and be more. This is the Internet of Everything (IoE) or machine to machine (M2M), a paradigm shift that marks a new era of opportunity for everyone, from consumers and businesses to cities and governments.

    IoE/M2M is changing our world, but its effect on daily life will be most profound. We will move through our days and nights surrounded by connectivity that intelligently responds to what we need and want—what we call the Digital Sixth Sense. Dynamic and intuitive, this experience will feel like a natural extension of our own abilities. We will be able to discover, accomplish and enjoy more. We are creating the fabric of IoE/M2M for everyone everywhere to enable this Digital Sixth Sense.

    How will the IoE/M2M happen? Key elements that make it real are already here. Powerful smartphones are a natural tool to deliver IoE experiences. And wireless networks, a fundamental layer of IoE/M2M connectivity, are integrated around the globe. Those elements are ready for everyone to leverage, and we are making that easier than ever.

    As a leader, we have an unmatched portfolio of visionary solutions that deliver the connectivity and communication needed to support the IoE/M2M opportunity industry-wide. As a partner, we enable and amplifiy other companies’ IoE/M2M product and service innovations. Together, we are bringing IoE/M2M forward faster, making the Digital Sixth Sense a natural extension of how we work and play.

Who can tell me where I can get robots to assemble cars?