Infection source of bacteria frequently found in Dairy industry


Spoilages distribution pattern  Where do the bacteria come? Using infection pattern, the question can be answered.

  Pattern 1: logarithmic

  Either the rate of infection at the source increases with time and/or substantial microbial growth takes place somewhere in the system.

  One area that can be excluded/eliminated from such a scenario is faulty CIP or pre-sterilisation.

  But leakage of paper tube, leakage of Valve 78, leakage of Aseptic tank, holding section of UHT and contaminated floater etc. have high probabilities.

  Pattern 2: wash out

  CIP/Sterilization failure linked bacteria residues often contribute such scenarios. Filling tube of Tetra Fino often give mixed cocci contamination if the tube is scratched by wrong cleaning brush, the seat of Valve A sometimes give endospores wash out if the manual clean is not carried out in a very long time. Because Escherichia can grow vigorously in organic residue, the poor CIP may result pure Escherichia flora.

  Pattern 3:Complicate Wash out

  Besides the cause found in wash out pattern, raw milk with poor quality such as more endospores, leakages in the product transfer pipeline, gasket leakages in the product pipeline, leaked aseptic chamber, upper cover of Tetra Fino, low consentration of H2O2, no tween80 added to H2O2, and leakages in cooling pipeling of aseptic air system in Tetra Fino may result such contamination pattern.

  Pattern4/5: intermittent

  •Probe leakage—seep into milk;   •Operational fault—splicing PM; •Homoginizer fault resulted rough particles with spores; •Counter-Valve such as V78; •Gasket leakage or holding section leakages in UHT etc.

  Pattern 6: consistency

  Wrong operation such as selecting wrong sterilization program in UHT; Failure of equipment such as poor sealing, equipment components or equipment settings out of specification such as low sealing pressure, and poor quality milk with thermo resitant spores etc.

  Pattern 7: Wave like

  It is the combinition of intermittent pattern and consistent pattern.

  Pattern 8: Random

  Often it is caused by operational fault.

  Pattern 9: Gradual increase

  No bacteria multiplication, but reinfection increases. For example, the jaw system loses its pressure grdually. The white roller loses its pressure gradually.Infection source of bacteria frequently found in Dairy industry