Smart Energy and Security

Smart Energy and Security        The same advanced communications and computing platforms powering billions of portable devices is now available to enable utilities to reliably, securely and cost-effectively deploy smarter grids and reach smarter homes. At the heart of all this, is embedded chipset technology from Qualcomm that provides:

        Cellular connectivity – Ubiquitous consumer coverage*, high bandwidth and real-time communications of 3G and LTE cellular networks enable critical smart grid functionality such as advanced smart metering, demand response, distribution automation, quick over-the-air firmware updates and outage management.

        Home area connectivity – When used in and around the Home Area Network, HomePlug GreenPHY and low energy Wi-Fi provide unsurpassed whole home coverage, performance and reliability in an energy efficient manner.

  • Established technology footprint, scale and maturity (3B+ WiFi & 100M HomePlug endpoints)
  • Wi-Fi and HomePlug are based on the same IEEE networking model, which allows for seamless connectivity without translation.
  • Combining the flexibility of Wi-Fi and ubiquity of powerline provides unsurpassed coverage throughout the Home Area Network. When used in the Home Area Network the combination of Wi-Fi and HomePlug Green PHY provide an unsurpassed whole home coverage.
  • High bandwidth (Mbps), IP-based connectivity enables state-of-the-art security protocols and quick software updates against cyber-threats.